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Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Taste of Mother's Day

Our palates inherit the tastes of our mothers - the foods, the flavorings and even the style and culture from which she comes. Although some of us proclaim that we will never be like our mothers, sometimes there's just no getting over those formative sensory imprints.

A gourmet chef and cooking instructor with an Iowan upbringing and German descent, my mother has an eclectic culinary style that engages her mid-western roots but also gives highlights to the many diverse cultural customs from all over the world. Amidst her rearing of Crisco, Jell-o molds, hot dogs and potato salad, she also managed to adopt a sort-of European panache, exchanging Wesson with extra virgin olive oil, American cheese with aged Gruyere, and a can of beer with a glass of pinot noir.

I am thankful that my taste buds are following in my mother's footsteps; I choose a variety of diverse foods and spices, experiment with new tastes and textures, and enjoy learning about the many culinary traditions from all over the globe. Variety seems to be the spice of life for the both of us!

My mom's outlook is that food is about coming together; it's about the friendship, the traditions, the good conversation and warm camaraderie that a good meal brings out in people.

Take a look at your own mother's style. What are her tastes? Where does she come from? What kinds of flavors or cultural influences imprinted upon your own taste buds?

Roasted Whole Chicken Breast with Fennel Spice
Asparagus in Tahini Sauce
Everyone's Favorite Carrot Cake (agave and fruit sweetened!)


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